Sunday Service Celebration with Rev. Annie Lonardelli


The Invitation to Blessing

Spirit continuously nudges us toward the love that exists beyond any idea of ourself.  In this conversation, Rev. Annie Lonardelli will explore blessing consciousness --- the subtle shift that gives us a taste of what this love is and supports the awakening of the heart.

Rev. Annie is an ordained Interfaith minister, teacher, spiritual director, and author who holds a master’s degree in Humanities. Her book, Another Way Home – Moving Beyond Religion to the Interspiritual Jesus and the Sacred Feminine, was published in 2018 . Annie served as co-founder and spiritual leader of Unity Center of Peace in Bothell, WA and currently serves as visiting minister and teacher for Unity churches in our region ( 


annie lonardelli


Guest Musician: Jillian Mixon

jillian mixon

Jillian’s original songs stem from love, life, and learning lessons --- from all of it! She believes music is our most fully understood language and a way to praise, a way to heal, and a way to connect with one another. For more information, visit her website at