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November 28th, 2021
"We Are the I AM That God Is"
Dr. Charlette Manning with
Musicians Becky Thatcher & Matt Corey

October 17th, 2021
"Lighthearted Living in a Troubled World"
Rev. Dick Wolgamott with Musicians Hank Payne & Claire Favro

October 24, 2021
"Autumn's Beautiful Reminder"
Rev. Joanna Gabriel with Musicians Becky Thatcher & Matt Corey

October 31st, 2021
"My Halloween Horror"
Gale Gray with Musician Carole Glenn

November 21, 2021
"Mother God"
Doug Benecke & Sallie Spirit

September 19, 2021
"A Book About God"
Doug Benecke & Sallie Spirit

September 26th, 2021
"The Doorway to the Divine"
Rev. David McArthur with
Musicians Becky Thatcher & Matt Corey

October 3, 2021
"The Power of Your Faith - Expect Goodness"
Rev. Rosella Sims with Musicians Bonnie & Dennis O'Hanlon

October 10, 2021
"Death, Reconsidered"
Rev. George Lindamood with
Musician Julie Pigott

August 22, 2021
"God Is Love"
Rev. Matt Jones

August 29 2021
"What Is Mine to Do?"
Gale Gray

Sept. 5th, 2021
"Thoughts & Prayers - Next Chapter"
Rev. Sherry Schultz



September 12, 2021
"Embodying Spirit"
Rev. Joanna Gabriel

July 18, 2021
"Life Incarnate"
Doug Benecke & Sallie Spirit

July 25, 2021
"Invitation to Blessing"
Rev. Annie Lonardelli


August 8th, 2021
"Covid and Praying with the Divine Feminine"
Rev. Simon Ruth de Voil

"Using the Lens of Self-Awareness to Shift Your Personal Vibration"
Kellie J. Wright


June 20, 2021
The Father Principle
Rev David McArthur

June 27, 2021
Rev Sherry Schultz

July 4, 2021
"Interdependence Day - Toward a New Normal"
Rev Dick Wolgamott

July 11, 2021
The Power of Trust
Rev. Joanna Gabriel


May 16, 2021

"The Scripture of Nature"

Doug Benecke & Sallie Spirit

May 30, 2021
"Learning to Recognize Ego"
Gale Gray

June 6, 2021
"How Does Your Spirit Garden Grow?"
Rev Sherry Schultz

June 13, 2021
"Whatever I Sow, I Reap"
Rev Rosella Sims


April 11, 2021

Dr. Charlette Manning
Music by Hank Payne & Claire Favro

April 25,2021

"My Bucket Has a Hole"
Rev Annie Lonardelli
Music by Beck Thatcher & Matt Corey

May 2, 2021
"Indigenous Wisdom"
Rev Sherry Schultz
Music by Dennis & Bonnie O'Hanlon

May 9, 2021

"The Myth of Mother"
Rev Joanna Gabriel
Music by Jean Mann


March 14
Rev Joanna Gabriel
"The Eye of the Heart"
Music by John Hoover

March 21, 2021
"Your One Precious Life"
Doug Benecke & Sallie Spirit

March 28, 2021 Rev Sherry Schultz
"Who Do You Say That I Am"
Music by Becky & Matt



April 4, 2021
Rev Sherry Schultz
An Easter Message
Music offered by Dennis & Bonnie O'Hanlon