ZOOM ONLY Sunday Service Celebration with Rev. David McArthur


The Doorway to the Divine and the Key That Opens It

So often, instead of experiencing the love of God caring for us in the moment, we feel alone and disconnected. The wisdom of ancient and contemporary teachers, however, guides us to the doorway we can enter to be aware of God’s love. Jesus in the Gosples, Lao Tzu in the Tao Te Ching, and Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita identify a key that unlocks the door connecting us with the power and wisdom of God’s love. This Sunday, we will invite those teachers to guide us to that doorway so we're able to pick up the key to opening the Divine connection within for ourselves. When I followed those clues myself, I discovered that, when I do as they suggest, the fun in life really begins. Welcome to the fun.



Rev. David McArthur, J.D. left the practice of law to become an ordained Unity minister and has led dynamic Unity churches for more than thirty years. Rev. David also served as a director and trainer at the world-renowned HeartMathâ Institute. He has shared the amazing role of the heart in human transformation with thousands of people as well as clergy from many religions as well as Silent Unity and Unity ministerial students. David’s third book, The Monk’s Choice, which is a guide to the wisdom of our hearts, was released this spring.


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david mcarthur


Guest Musicians: Becky Thatcher & Matt Corey

becky & matt

Matt and Becky bring their expressive arts ministry to many Unity and CSL churches in the Seattle-Tacoma area. They have each served as local and regional music and choir directors, arts team leaders, soloists, and each have worked with influential local and national New Thought artists over the last two decades. They share their faith and love through music, humor, and harmony.